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Rev Dr Rod Pattenden (Chairperson)

On having faith in a Prize for Religious Art?

I am supporting the Blake Prize because I believe in the crucial significance such a prize has in terms of both art and ideas in Australian culture. While most art prizes celebrate landscapes and famous faces, the Blake in contrast, sponsors a vision that is concerned with what is at the heart of an artist’s passion and belief, the motivation for their own personal horizon of hope.

More than a prize for stuffy ideas about religion, the Blake in its long and controversial history has uncovered new talent, new ideas, and new directions in arts practice and celebrated the role of the visual in exploring the kind of future our culture might create. The Blake Prize’s genius is its eclectic, quirky and innovative capacity for re thinking issues around spirituality, belief and passion.

In a time when terrorism, religious fundamentalism and racial conflict mark our daily lives, the Blake provides a dynamic incursion of tolerant hope into that horizon. A prize, an exhibition, a touring schedule, publications, conferences, discussions and the simple buzz that the Blake creates, help to create a capacity for true tolerance and open hearted living. The Blake gives us eyes to see what a culture might look like that seeks to embrace difference and understanding. The Blake affirms the important contribution the arts make to our future in becoming an imaginative and creatively generous nation.

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