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  • Blake-EducationKit-Part1.pdf [1.27MB] (added 1831 days ago)

    An introduction to the Blake Prize and and observations of its history since the first prize in 1951.

  • Blake-EducationKit-Part2.pdf [870.70kB] (added 1831 days ago)

    The second part of the kit looks at themes and a number of artists and their artworks who have featured as finalists in the Blake Prize.

  • Blake-EducationKit-AddOn2011.pdf [780.73kB] (added 1831 days ago)

    Information specific to the 60th Blake Prize exhibition in 2011.

  • Judging-The-Blake.pdf [112.53kB] (added 1827 days ago)

    An insight to the Blake Prize judging process, written by Blake Prize Chair Rev Rod Pattenden, first published in Sculpture + the Enemies Issue 10 October 2011.

  • [8.94MB] (added 1827 days ago)

    A compressed ZIP file containing artworks referenced in the Education Kit, compiled for your convenience.

  • BlakeBookReview-SashaGrishin.pdf [92.08kB] (added 1827 days ago)

    A review of 'The Blake Book', a fascinating visual social history of Australia and an astute, well-documented history of The Blake Prize from 1951 - 2011.

  • Seeing-the-Spiritual-in-Australian-Art.pdf [815.99kB] (added 1827 days ago)

    A discussion of Australian spiritual art and the role of The Blake Prize, by Blake Prize Chair Rev Rod Pattenden. It appeared in 'Art Monthly' issue 246.

  • The-Limits-of-Taste.pdf [433.66kB] (added 1771 days ago)

    "The Limits of Taste: Politics, Aesthetics and Christ in Contemporary Australia" by Zoe Alderton In Literature and Aesthetics, 21 – 2, December 2011

  • Bliss-Blasphemy-And-Belief.pdf [4.86MB] (added 1771 days ago)

    Rod Pattenden discusses the Blake Prize controversy in 2007 Published in ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies, Issue 23.1, 2011


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