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The Blake Education Kit

Introducing the 62nd Blake Prize and 6th Poetry Prize Education Kit

In identifying spirituality, religion and human justice, educators and students will encounter an inventive interfaith journey within the artists’ experimental works. Some of which disrupt and defy conventional interpretations. The idea of overturning convention to create new meaning has long been the essence of The Blake Prize and this resource is a way of deconstructing their intentions in order to understand the cultural, religious, political or social contexts.

The 62nd Blake Prize and 6th Poetry Prize Education Kit provides learning opportunities pre-during-and post exhibition visit. The Blake Prize website is recommended for accessing existing online information for research in the classroom (

The kit is divided into four sections. The first section offers pre-during and post visit learning suggestions and announces the winners and finalists with specific questions for discussion related to the themes of the exhibition. The second section addresses the process of judging and curating the Blake Prize with further classroom discussion and ready to use activities. The third section documents the 6th Blake Poetry Prize winner. The fourth part provides formal Questions for Discussion and Creating and Making activities that are split into lower Secondary (Years 7-9), and upper Secondary (Years 10-12) Visual Arts students. An added feature of the kit is a Glossary/Terms of Influence that highlights definitions and influences of the exhibiting artists and their work.

Another reference point that can be used year after year is The Blake Book: Art, Religion & Spirituality in Australia, by Rosemary Crumlin, which offers a visual history of the Blake Prize from 1951-2011.

We hope you enjoy the celebratory and spiritual learning journey that is the 62nd Blake Prize and 6th Poetry Prize 2013.


Add-ons for each year are included as separate downloads. Please select the year you require.

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