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Introducing Engage

The Blake Conversation

A community arts project celebrating spirit, hope and creative engagement in life

The Engage project is being developed by the Blake Society to engage local communities to explore human values of hope and spirituality through the arts. It is aimed to be run by local groups centred in community, educational, religious or vocational interests that want to explore what hope means to their members, via the arts and creative exploration. One of the major objectives of this project is to assist in sponsoring creative expression in local communities and increase the range of our dialogue to, in turn, celebrate difference as a cultural value in our wider society.

The Blake Society website will provide a national umbrella to exhibit, debate and encourage feedback of project outcomes. This will provide participants with a way to link their local ‘Engage’ arts projects and foster dialogue and interaction between various parts of the community around issues that bring us together and at times separate us – at a local, regional and national level.  We would love to involve your community in this unique and exciting arts project. Please download the information sheet or view the galleries as they develop that will survey this artistic exploration.

The first Engage project gets underway at Redfern, in Sydney October 2011.

"Engage will make us more aware that Spirituality is part of art, and art a part of life, and that is a very good thing!" - Lachlan Warner – Senior Lecturer, Australian Catholic University, Artist and previous winner of the Blake Prize

"This exciting project will enrich the role of the arts in our community life while also exploring the significance of faith and hope in a multicultural and multi-faith Australia." - Rev Tara Curlewis – General Secretary, National Council of Churches in Australia

"A simple yet dedicated resource as well as a unique pathway for meaningful and diverse community conversation to take place around spirituality and the arts." - Nur Shkembi – Arts Officer, Islamic Council of Victoria

"Encourages diverse communities to explore what motivates them through the creative arts and to thereby contribute to a larger conversation about hope within Australian cultural life." - David Ryding – Executive Director NSW Writers’ Centre

"It is not dogmatic, or didactic or orthodox; rather it offers a more creative way for our society to engage serious thinking about belief, wisdom, ethics, care and justice." - Rev Dr Doug Purnell – Artist and Theologian, Uniting Church in Australia

"This project will inspire individuals and communities to articulate and explore issues of identity, collective memory and belonging – all at the very heart of what it is to be human." - Rebecca Forgasz – Director Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne

"A unique opportunity for individuals and communities to be involved in an artistic and intellectual program about diversity, spirituality and society." - Nicky McWilliam – Director Eva Breuer Gallery, Sydney

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