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The 64th Blake Prize

The 64th Blake Prize

From 2016 The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre will deliver The Blake Prize as a bi-annual event into the future. Casula Powerhouse will maintain the guiding principles of The Blake Prize in continuing to engage contemporary artists, both national and... Learn more »

Richard Lewer Wins 2014 Blake Prize

Richard Lewer has been awarded the 2014 Blake Prize ($25,000) for his moving new media work, “Worse Luck I’m Still Here”, depicting the story of an elderly Perth pensioner who was the lone survivor of a failed suicide pact with his... Learn more »

2014 Blake Poetry Prize Shortlist

Each year the Blake Society runs a poetry prize in conjunction with the New South Wales Writers' Centre. You can head over to the NSW Writers' Centre home page and peruse the shortlisted entries there. Go on, take a... Learn more »

Online Galleries

Sadly, our online galleries aren't working at the moment, but all of the finalist images are on our Facebook page! Go to and join in the fun. The fabulous image pictured here is Savanhdary Vongpoothorn's "All is... Learn more »

2014 Blake Prize Finalists Announced

The Blake Society is delighted to announce this year’s finalists. Judges Anne Ferran (artist), Alexie Glass-Kantor (curator), and Alex Norman (religion academic), said submissions had ‘cast aside the leaden notion of religions as simply... Learn more »

2014 Blake Prize Exhibition Opens 13 December!

This year’s judges had a big task in front of them, with over 950 entries from a diverse range of media, which they’ve honed into a list of 52 finalists. We’ll be announcing the finalists in early December, but make sure to come along to the opening of... Learn more »



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2016 64th Blake Prize & 7th Blake Poetry Prize

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